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Kidney Clear - Kidney Formula

Help cleanse, repair, and maintain peak kidney function with Kidney Clear, the world's most advanced kidney health formula!

Is Our Lifestyle Killing Our Kidneys?
Discover how you can avoid one of the top 10 worse disease killers facing Americans Today

According to the Centers for Disease Control, kidney disease is now ranked in the top 10 causes of death by a disease. Kidney disease also plays a major role in high blood pressure, diabetes, brain disorders, cancer, and many other diseases.


Because if your kidneys fail to keep your body clear of toxic waste, then they also help increase the level of toxicity throughout the body, which, in turn, leads to health crisis

The Answer:

  • Drink more water, six to eight glasses a day
  • Cut back or eliminate dehydrating agents, especially soft drinks, alcohol, and coffee.
  • And start using Kidney Clear - a unique proprietary formula designed to help cleanse, repair, and maintain your body's vital waste water removal system, for life!

Astaxanthin supports strong kidney function by helping to neutralyzing protein waste in the urine

Cranberry Extract has a long track record fo helping curb bladder problems by preventing the adherence of bacteria to the bladder walls

Goldenrod increases urine flow, helping wash out bacteria and kidney stones

Horsetail is an excellent diuretic, and helps with UTIs, incontinence, and even bed-wetting in children.

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats

Varuna reduces the body's production of oxalates, which combine with calcium to form kidney stones


One Bottle - 1 month supply ($37.00):


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