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DPL FlexPad Pain Relief System for Back and Knee Pain (880nm Infrared and 660nm Red LED)

Georjia Motta blood flow cordless free shipping massage


5 Key health benefits from the LED Infrared (light therapy) DPL Flex Belt

1. Provides deep infrared light for increased blood flow

2. Healing for various areas of the body, especially the extremities

3. Effective pulse massage...portable, no cord.

4. LED stimulates the fibroblasts of collagen strengthening tissue,

880 nanometers of depth.

5. Both light waves are healing to soft tissue injuries and may be

helpful for neuropathy pain and nerve conduction, although more

conclusive studies must be done to confirm this.

If you've ever needed the services of a chiropractor or physical

therapist you are probably familiar with their using a similar device

before and even after their work with you.  Infrared and LED (light emitting diode)

are effective light wave healing treatments.

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