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Best Infrared light to reduce saggy skin and wrinkles.....

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As a licensed cosmetologist since the early eighties, healthy skin and hair are important to me, as are for most women. Although fitness has been my profession, I keep abreast of the newest technologies from experts in the filed and  through research and referral. I personally have used a hand held infrared device, but I now opt for this deeper collagen transformer. Hand held devices are great but you can only do one area of the face at a time. Then there are the masks that are worn, and they do seem to work but they are heavy on the face. This light device was mentioned to me by a friend. It is similar in quality of what the pros use and the effect in shorter time because it covers a larger area at once. Most devices are 600 or so nanometers (nm) of light length/depth per color, but this device is 800 nm which means more stimulation to the deeper collagen fibers (fibroblasts) resulting in firmer tighter skin. It can also be efficiently used on various areas of the body.

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  • FDA CLEARED AND CLINICALLY APPROVED: This FDA-cleared red light therapy lamp that is clinically approved to treat full facial wrinkles. The LED panel is split evenly between UV-free red (660nm), yellow (590nm), amber (630nm), and INVISIBLE infrared (880nm) bulbs which penetrate the skin at different levels. It aids in reducing inflammation and it boosts collagen production to improve skin tone and texture.
  • HELP REVERSE SUN DAMAGE AND MINIMIZE WRINKLES: LED Red Light Therapy supports the skin’s natural healing process. It safely fights aging and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. Please Note: The row of infrared lights are invisible and may look as if it's not on, however it is working to help give you glowing skin.
  • EASY TO USE AND IMPROVE SKIN IN MINUTES: This Red Light Therapy treatment is designed to integrate easily and comfortably into your lifestyle. Use it for 5 minutes a day, a minimum of 5 days per week. Look more radiant, more refreshed, and have fabulous skin without breaking the bank!
  • GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This light device is safe for use on all skin tones and types providing safe visible and INVISIBLE infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin. No harsh light activated chemicals needed or harmful UV rays used. Dermatologist approved.
  • DISCOVER YOUR BEST SKIN: A good skin care routine will help you discover your best skin. With continued use it will improve your overall skin health, giving you a lit-from within glow. We will take care of you, and should you need any repairs there is a 60 day guarantee.

Are you looking haggard? Your skin looks lackluster and older than your biological age? Worry no more Red Light Anti-aging LED therapy is the glow-getter you can use at-home in just 5 minutes! No more setting appointments and paying hundreds of dollars to look radiant. You can get younger with a daily dose of UV-free red light therapy!

Show your skin the light!

Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy is FDA-cleared to treat full facial wrinkles. It is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots by triggering cell activity and promote collagen production and improve skin laxity.

The LED panel is split among the colors Red, Yellow, Amber and Infrared. These target different layers of the skin to produce therapeutic and anti-aging effects on the skin.

Our Red Light Therapy lamp doesn't use harmful lasers or UV light. It is completely painless and safe to use.

This light therapy contains a 120 LED bulb panel which is split evenly between the Red (660nm), Yellow (590nm), Amber (630nm), and Infrared (880nm) bulbs which penetrate the skin at different levels resulting in cellular level changes. This helps spur the creation of new collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. With regular use,  willl reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish age spots, decrease sun damage, improve uneven skin tone and boost skin firmness.




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