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Best Mini Trampoline Rebounders for cardio and lymphatic health

Georjia Motta Best mini trampoline rebounders Professional Fitness Review Rebound exercise for cardio and lymphatic health Rebound exercise for cellulite control

JumpSport Model 350 Trampoline and Rebounder

Fitness instructor and personal trainer for the past 30 years and professional rebound fitness video choreographer, author, instructor, and model for the late Healthbounder by LifeTec-


Best Mini Trampoline Rebounders - cardio fitness, weight loss tool, and lymphatic health 

  • Fun, effective cardio work out 
  • Athletic conditioning
  • Great calorie burn for weight management
  • Improve lymphatic movement and reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Improve balance
  • Easy to move from place to place
  • Number one quietest fitness tool
  • Durable with years of use

My favorites are pro models and 300 plus lb weight capacity, smoothness of bounce, quality construction- mat, springs/bungees, and exercise DVD's included. They are also rebounders I've personally tried or use myself.

JumpSport Model 350 Trampoline and Rebounder

As a fitness professional since the early 80's and rebounding video choreographer for the late Healthbounder by LiteTec, I have quite a bit of experience with most fitness equipment, especially rebounders.

I still own and use my Healthbounder which is very similar to the Cellerciser and the Needak rebounders. I also own and use a Bellicon. I haven't referred many other rebounders until I used  a few Jumpsport models and a MaXimus. So which one do I love the best? I love all five shown here for different reasons.

  • The rebounders shown do not have cheap canvas or nylon mats that may tear, and I've seen it happen, instead these are UV resistant Permatron which offer more strength. Each come with very well instructed DVD's.
  • If your going to use a bungee rebounder like Bellicon or Jumpsport,  I prefer  them equipped with the stronger bungees for ease of movement transition. The Bellicon and the Jumpsport  listed here have the stronger bungees. Be aware that most bungee cords have to be replaced at least yearly.  The bounce is softer than a spring rebounder making balance a tad more difficult, so for most I always suggest the stability handle. The softer bounce also makes it more challenging and a tougher workout. The bungee rebounders are great for abdominal work with less jarring to the spine because of the softer bounce. They are also much lighter to move. Jumpsport is a quality constructed rebounder and those I know that use it are very happy. The Jumpsport bungee tension can also be adjusted and has a weight rating of 300 lbs. I love the Bellicon also because of the very high quality construction, the folding legs, and single handle attachment. The model shown here has a weight rating of 400 lbs.
  • The Cellerciser and Needak spring rebounders is very robust and should give years of bouncing and spring replacement shouldn't be very often. The bounce is smooth yet firm and great for edema (swelling) and lymphatic movement. The Maximus is most affordable but with a slightly tighter bounce. The springs and their attachments are very well made. One of my clients uses the Maximus and has for several years and it is holding up nicely and they feel it has helped with leg swelling.
  • Whether a rebounder folds or not is not a reason to purchase. I transported my folding Healthbounder to clients and it became a pain to keep folding, so I just put it into the back of my vehicle unfolded...simple!  If you are planning to store or transport in a smaller vehicle the folding aspect is great, but be aware the handle will have to be removed.

"Thank you for visiting this review and website store. I am a health and fitness products dealer and an affiliate publisher. I receive an affiliate commission when a link is followed from this site and end purchase made. I appreciate your business and hope you receive helpful information." Georjia- ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Pilates Instructor.

Why Rebound?

  • Makes exercise fun
  • Great calorie burn for weight loss efforts
  • Versatility with exercises
  • Quite and easy to move
  • Improve lymphatic health 
  • A fitness tool you will actually use! 

Lymphatic movement and why mini trampoline rebounding is one of the more effective forms of exercise to effectively move lymph.

Lymph fluid transports metabolic waste, nutrients, proteins, water, bacteria, and abnormal cells, like cancer cells. This movement is ongoing. Lymph vessels do not have a pump to move its fluid like blood does so it must rely on skeletal muscle contraction, whereas the veins, arteries and capillaries have the pump of the heart to help blood move. Lymph vessels, in which excess fluid is contained, have small one way valves. These valves are constantly opening and shutting to move lymph upward against gravity to nodes for purification and onto the main left thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct. Once reaching the ducts the fluid circulates back into the blood stream. Lymph move in the direction of the heart. The kidneys, skin, diaphragm, and lungs also help in this purification and elimination. If you have ever noticed any extra swelling in your body it is because there is too much waste filled fluid to complete this process effectively, or a sign of a cardiac issue. This is another reason drinking plenty of water helps in this "detoxification" movement process. Most all exercise and deep breathing helps move lymph. Exercise contracts muscle which has a sort of squeezing movement effect and the diaphragm's thoracic pressure also helps move lymph.

So why does rebounding help move lymph? As you bounce, with the heels landing and then propelling from the toes (Health Bounce), but feet and heels never leaving the mat. The lower leg muscles, along with the rhythmic bouncing motion, moves lymph up through the vessel as the one way valves open and shut. This is best done with the Health Bounce. If the bounce is too hard and stiff it causes more of a jarring dampening affect, and may not move lymph as effectively, and if it is too soft the fluid movement may not be as efficient. Although all exercise helps move lymph, rebounding is most effective.


The mini trampoline rebounders chosen above have a smooth bounce to enhance  lymph movement as well as enough firmness, strength, and quality for a well-rounded fitness routine. I usually suggest  clients use their rebounders for both lymphatic movement and fitness. Try jumping, kicking, twisting, jogging,and dancing while also moving your arms for a number of minutes then try a simple "Health Bounce"  for a few minutes. Repeat this cycle for 15 minutes to half an hour daily and you will notice improved strength in your legs as well as reduced swelling, not to mention improved cardio fitness. You will also enjoy the DVD workouts provided with any of the four rebounders. Basically, get creative and just move!

Below is the American Council On Exercise (ACE) study on the cardio effects and adharance of rebound exercise-

“ACE research found that mini-trampoline exercise enables a workout sufficient to improve endurance and expend calories,” said American Council on Exercise Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. “We also saw that participants consistently thought the workout was easier than the measured heart rates and oxygen uptake levels, which should likely have a positive impact on long-term exercise adherence.”

"ACE also found that during the workout, men burned an average of 11.0 calories/minute, while women burned 8.3 calories/minute—a level of energy expenditure similar to running at a pace of six miles per hour on flat ground, biking at 14 miles per hour or playing American football, basketball or ultimate Frisbee. According to fitness industry guidelines, exercise intensities seen during this research approach moderate to vigorous intensity levels."

“When people perform other types of exercise within this intensity range, they usually report their perceived exertion as being significantly higher. This may be due in part to the fact that trampolines are a unique form of exercise and participants felt comfortable on them very quickly,” says Bryant. “We must not undervalue the ‘enjoyment factor’—it’s the key to long-term fitness commitments and helping people sustain healthy life choices for the long term.”


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