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5 Key Benefits of DPL NUVE REVIVE Infrared LED

Georjia Motta

dpl Nüve-Professional Grade Anti-Aging Handheld Light Therapy System-FDA Cleared Red LED and Infrared Light Anti-Aging Device 


5 key skin beautifying reasons to use DPL NUVE REVIVE

I use this one pretty regularly.

1. Infrared 6600nm of depth aiding oxygenating blood flow

2. LED (light emitting diode) 880nm stimulates

collagen fibroblasts...helping reduce wrinkles

3. One of the most effective deep penetrating home use devices

out on the market.

4.  May also be used on areas of the body for tissue healing

5.  Just 20 minutes per day 

I use mine about three times each week between my brow, forehead and crows feet area and I really think it has helped keep me wrinkle free. Once you see improvement then I feel you can get by on 2 to 3 times per week in conjunction with a healthy diet and effective skin care products.

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