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This popular Super Food can disrupt your health

Georjia Motta

We are all attempting to eat cleaner and healthier and part of that is including super foods into our diet.  Many of us are starting to or have been using "green drinks."

You see it all over Hollywood, social media, Dr Oz and so on... how important they are in alkalizing the body.  Most of these prepared green drinks contain the super food Alfalfa.  Yes, alfalfa is alkalizing and part of the legume family, not grass family, but read on about it's disturbance on our health. Alfalfa is one of the first ingredients in 95% of all super food blends.  In a small quantity most healthy individuals may not notice much problem at first, but if you are suffering with thyroid disease, Lupus, are pregnant, or have an autoimmune disorder, stay away from alfalfa!  The amino acid L-canavanine, found in alfalfa, poses a host of issues to certain amino acid destruction, as well as alfalfa being estrogenic.  Alfalfa is used in most super food products as a main ingredient because it's inexpensive.  Keep in mind it's also a highly sprayed crop, 4th in the US, and most are GMO.  Unless you are consuming USDA Certified Organic Alfalfa you are most definitely consuming pesticide and/or a GMO super food.  Even at best, being certified organic, alfalfa is still risky, especially when consumed regularly in a "green drink."

I am a personal fan of Rawr Super Foods Green Drink.  Rawr does NOT contain Alfalfa. 

Quality research and development went into this proprietary blend and Rawr is USDA Certified Organic, which isn't an easy task .  In the supplement industry there is little regulation as to an ingredient being what it says it is.  One other great measure to using a certifying body (USDA) is that there are strict guidelines assuring you are getting what is labeled.  Rawr is a vegan product with vegan prebiotic and probiotic and added digestive enzymes.  The young owners, the popularity of its affect, and testimonials speak for themselves.

Please visit the HOME page of this site to order RAWr Super Foods. $39.99 with flat shipping rates in the US and International.

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