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The best cardio and strength fitness equipment tool

Georjia Motta


Best cardio and strengthening fitness equipment- Bellicon rebounder

bellicon Classic 39" Basic with Screw-in Legs (Black Mat/Silver Bungees, Extra-Strong Bungees (200-280 lbs)) 

As a fitness professional for over 30 years, I've just about seen it all. If I had to keep only one piece of cardio fitness equipment, this would be it...the Belicon mini trampoline rebounder. I've used others. Most rebounders these days seem to be made with durability and quality for up to 250-300 lbs.  Here is the link to those and their reviews.

Why?  Easy to adjust the aerobic cardio intensity.  The TOP exercise for immune supporting lymphatic movement. Better lymph means cellulite management as well. Quiet and easy to transport from room to room.The ability to work in different planes of movement which improves agility and muscular balance. Not boring, you will use it!  Great for doing circuit workouts and using it for strength training as well... A prop for push-ups, lunges, squats, plyometric work, dips, and a fabulous ab workout tool. 

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