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Does consuming organic really matter?

Georjia Motta

Does consuming organic really matter?

Unless your consuming organic you can be assured your consuming quite a bit of chemical residue from the produce you consume and from the processed foods containing them as ingredients. This is a scary reality. We set out to be health conscience adding more fruits and vegetables to our diet only to realize we now have a great deal to contend with concerning chemicals.There are many research studies that confirm the chemicals in and on our food are detrimental to our health. Little by little these toxic chemicals catch up with us. There are many reasons or excuses that conventional farming relies heavily on sprays and the use of genetically engineered. Thankfully there are many farmers turning to the use of organic practices. Many grocery stores now provide certified organically grown produce because consumers are demanding healthy natural foods. There are also many dietary supplement products made from fruits and vegetables. Many dietary products may also be made from these chemically treated fruits and vegetables. There are also a number of dietary supplement companies going the extra mile to ensure clean, healthy, organically grown sourced dietary supplements.

  • Rawrlife Superfoods and Rawrlife Vegan Protein is sustainably sourced and USDA Certified Organic. Rawrlife Superfoods are sourced from organic farms that comply with practices overseen by Quality Assurance International (QAI) an accredited organic certifying agency authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The farms and manufacturing facilities they certify must comply with organic integrity practices, such as, non-genetically engineered seeds, natural soil amendments, natural pest control practices, no irradiation or sewage, and healthy harvesting, packaging, distribution, and labeling. QAI works with farms and facilities throughout the US and Internationally with global farms that adhere to these same USDA QAI guidelines and certification.
  • Rawrlife Krill Oil is sustainably harvested from Antarctic crustaceans. Krill are high in Omega 3 and EPA and DHA. Krill is more easily absorbed than fish oils. The Norwegian fishing company used by Rawrlife harvests and encapsulates with no by-catch. The fisheries are overseen and certified through The Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, Marine Stewardship Council, and The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund. Krill feed on sea plankton which is high in the antioxidant Astaxanthin, so consuming krill for its Omega 3 EPA and DHA you’re also getting the super antioxidant Astaxanthin. The natural phospholipids high in krill make it more easily absorbed by the human body than fish oils.
  • Rawrlife Superfoods Dietary Supplements are manufactured at an organic super foods facility adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as QAI Certified Organic through the USDA.  With the dietary supplements industry loosely governed, it’s not unheard of that supplements that say they contain X,Y and Z may not. GMP facilities and agencies such as QAI follow stricter guidelines for dietary supplements assuring that you’re getting what is listed on the label.
  • Rawrlife honey is manufactured by bees, then directly harvested and bottled by bee farmers. Rawrlife bee farmers set their hives in various organic and naturally grown fields and orchards.

Rawrlife Headquarters is located in Glendale Arizona. Rawrlife Dietary Supplements are sourced, blended and packaged from a California GMP, QAI facility that manufactures many organic super foods.  

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