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Reduce Stress- Big Time- Lithium Home and Garden Tools!

Georjia Motta

Stress reducing yard tools-

I'm not an affiliate of Ryobi but had to include this product because it has really helped make my own home property care more efficient and much easier.

If you're a homeowner then you use indoor and outdoor cleaning tools. If you want the most stress reducing products then go lithium.

Before lithium tools I spent about 15 minutes to a half hour each day sweeping, swiffering, or vacuuming dog hair and grass from my patio, tile floors, and carpet runners. Now I use my indoor stick Hoover Linx Lithium Vacuum and my Ryobi Outdoor Lithium Blower and only spend 5 minutes total for daily floor and patio cleaning. No running around plugging or wrapping cords, or gas and oil mixing. These light weight, efficient tools have been one of my biggest lifestyle stress reducers.



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