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Piriformis and glute muscles stretch benefits and tips-

Georjia Motta

Piriformis / Glute stretch-

Piriformis and glute muscles stretch benefits and tips. Pro Skateboarder Aaron "Jaws" Homoki demonstrating a stretch for the glutes and deeper piriformis muscle.

  • This deep muscle become tight through athletics and or extended sitting. Stretching relieves glute pain.
  • Stretching the piriformis relieves sciatic pain due to the muscle attaching to the side of the sacrum and crossing through the foramen opening at the sacroiliac joint and attaching to the head of the femur thigh bone.
  • Keeping the piriformis flexible allows more freedom of movement through the hips and less tension at the sacroiliac joint.

Above is an easy and effective piriformis stretch. Place the outer leg up as shown to feel initial stretch. To apply a deeper stretch turn the upper body away from that hip while slightly leaning. Try not to allow the hip to lift as you turn and lean. Also, sliding the foot further away will create a deeper stretch. This simple stretch is very similar to the pigeon yoga pose.

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