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Simple stretch for hips and back — rawrlife superfoods

5 stretches to relieve butt pain and piriformis syndrome

Georjia Motta 5 stretches for butt pain aaron jaws homoki piriformis pain treatment rawrlife super foods by pro skateboarder John Motta and pro BMXer Joey Motta rawrlife superfoods

  5 photo stretches to relieve butt pain known as piriformis syndrome- Butt pain or piriformis syndrome can put pressure on the nearby sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle is located in each buttock running across the glutes and SI joint. You may feel numbness, tingling, and throbbing in the hips and legs. This muscle can become inflamed from over work due to activities that target the glutes, such as, hiking, biking, squats and running. The glutes can also become weak and tight from extended sitting which can affect the sciatic nerve caused from that compression. Also, if consistent extended sitting...

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Are "Alkalizing" Superfoods just advertising hype? Bone Strength, Detox, Fat Loss

Georjia Motta rawrlife superfoods

Are “alkalizing” superfoods just advertising hype? Can "alkalizing" help athletic performance, detoxing, and fat loss?  Alkalizing super food supplement drinks, homemade juice drinks, and smoothies claim to promote strong bones, aid with detoxing, and even fat loss.  Read on, there is truth to these claims... You’ve probably heard by now something about alkalizing in order to improve health, save bone, and prevent disease. Alkalizing refers to the body’s pH (potential hydrogen). Neutral pH is 7, acid is below that, and alkaline is above. The blood that feeds our body will keep homeostasis by maintaining a delicate pH balance to sustain...

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