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Home and office exercise equipment, software and books




Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Fit It In Fitness At The Desk Software with new video coming soon.


This simple and sleek posture corrector can also be worn under clothes. It prevents slouching and relieves tension to the entire upper body. Maintaining good posture is a must for injury prevention and health.



As a professional rebounder book author ( Rebound to Youth) and fitness video choreographer for the late Healthbounder mini trampoline, I now use and suggest this Bellicon rebounder model. I like the height from the floor enabling it as a multi exercise tool and it has a soft enough bounce for lymphatic movement yet firm enough for cardio exercises. 

 bellicon Classic 39" Basic with Screw-in Legs (Black Mat/Silver Bungees, Extra-Strong Bungees (200-280 lbs)) 


The Teeter offers a nice decompression to the spine and body for most healthy individuals.Those with high blood pressure and spinal issues should have medical clearance first.

 Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered (EP-560) 


After my research on both price and multi use I suggested the Avari to one of my clients and she's able to get tht cardio, leg and upper body body work she needed.

 Avari A150-335 Conversion II Rower/Recumbent Bike 


I use these every day with my personal training clients and within classes. Tried other brands that were too tight or small. This brand and variety pack is versatile for home, office and travel and not costly.

 Resistance bands to strengthen hips and thighs



I believe everyone should have this ball. This brand has never lost it's texture, is low cost and is a must for office workers, a variety of strength, flexibility and tension relief exercises.

 Small textured fitness and posture ball


Another low cost and effective must have for home, office and travel. 

 Long muti-use resistance bands




This resistance band kit offers multiple uses that are easy and effective for improved strength and toning . Instructions are included.

  Resistance bands with handles and hooks for doors



The above TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design & Durability| Includes Three Anchor Solutions, 8 Video Workouts & 8-Week Workout Program

TRX total gym using suspended training



This pull-up bar is genius. There are no screws to hassle with. Simply rest one edge to the top frame of the door while the other rests on the other side. The weight of the body allows the bar to adhere to the entire door frame. Can be removed in about two seconds. I use one in my gym and travel with one for clients to use as a prop for resistance bands, pull-ups. and yoga inversions.  

quick remove door frame pull-up bar and yoga trapeze sling



The best infrared pad. A client turned me on to this one. Most infrared pads are stiff. This one can bend around the body

Infrared heating pad for improved circulation



Books related to fitness & self help


Free e-book download- Resilience xs

2015-16 four extreme professional athletes and I embarked on another Fit It In project; Resilience XS e-book. A means for an athlete, or anyone actually, to gain flexibility, recover the posture, and or maintain a healthy posture, avoid overuse injuries, and enhance movement performance.




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