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Welcome to Fit it in Fitness web store since 2003.

Contact- for software questions, custom video to software implementation, online coaching, group and private training in Arizona, workshops, or needing a fitness space in Arizona to rent for your own workshops and events.

This site was inspired and dedicated to those trying to find time to fit fitness into their day. As a fitness instructor and personaI trainer exercising and staying in shape is part of the job, but for many it can be tough, especially when you factor in home, family, and work.

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The office fitness software idea, in which this original website was formed, came to me after one of my class students was using postits all over her office with exercises written on them to remind her to exercise. WOW, there's got to be a more efficient, effective, and motivating way to stay fit at the office. I offer pamphlets, and homework programs, but that wasn't completely cutting it.  Fit It In Fitness At The Desk Software was born shortly after. I hired a software designer to develop a non intrusive program with  a means to remind a PC desk worker to take mini exercise breaks throughout their day. I then choreographed a four minute video geared to recover the posture of the seated worker and had it implemented into the software and within the pop-reminder.


Now, fifteen years later and many users of this software program, I continue to encourage fitness with this same mindset- simple, manageable, effective means of staying fit and well whether in the office or not. 


During 2015-16 four extreme professional athletes and I embarked on another Fit It In project; Resilience XS E-book. A means for an athlete, or anyone actually, to gain flexibility, recover the posture, and or maintain a healthy posture, avoid overuse injuries, and enhance movement performance.

I've been actively working in the fitness wellness industries since my start in 1982. Certified by fitness leader American Council On Exercise (ACE) holding an advanced certification as a Medical Exercise Specialist as well as Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates Instructor, and Anusara Yoga Teacher. I use methods of each into all fitness programs. 


Professional Fitness Emphasis... testimonials below-

As a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer to individuals and groups,  I develop and deliver specific and complementary medical exercise programs to help clients prevent and manage disease, avoid injuries, improve overall wellness and function throughout all phases of medical interventions and lifestyle transitions. I also incorporate my experience and education in Anusara Yoga and Stott Pilates to better serve the unique needs of my clients.


Fitness desk software right from your PC with personally programmed small reminder pop-up

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Since my start in 1982 with individuals, groups, and the corporate office worker setting. I'm comfortable and adept at teaching to all fitness levels, ages, health conditions, disease processes, and athletic pursuits. My passion and specialty is focusing on postural awareness incorporating aspects of therapy fitness, Pilates, and yoga using adjustments that are easily and effortlessly fit into a clients daily activities, sports, and environment.

Georjia T. Motta- CMES, CPT, RYT, PI,

Education, Certifications and Professional Affiliations

American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, First-Aid, CPR and AED Instructor through The American Heart Association and The National Safety Council, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, and Stott Pilates Instructor.

Health and Fitness Industry from 1999-present

Private Training - Yoga, Pilates, fitness/wellness programs to clients in their homes or Fit It In Fitness Studio

Optum Medical Network (United Healthcare)- Fitness/Pilates Instructor 

Sun Health Community Education and Wellness - Developing and implementing exercise programs one on one and group classes
f or seniors. Group Pilates Teacher, and Strength Training Instructor

Geriatric Assessment, Management and Solutions - Develops specialized exercise programs for individuals at home and/or various c
are centers

Phoenix College Adjunct Faculty - Group Pilates and Group Kickboxing Instructor

Adobe Spa, Corta Bella and Sun City Recreation Center - Group Pilates Instructor

Healthy Envy - Envygreens Super Food product manufacturer Co-Owner.

National Safety Council and Safehearts -Teaching CPR, First-Aid and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Fit it in Fitness - Online sales of health and fitness products (

Fit it in Fitness At The Desk - Software program geared to remind the office worker to engage in mini fitness breaks 

throughout their day ( )

Life-Tec Manufacturing - Rebounding Video Choreographer/Instructor and Author of “Rebound to Youth”

Naturmed - Consulting and product development for their health and fitness products

Fitness Model and print model - Bilbo Baggs Sportswear, Life-Tec Rebounder, and Mahato Karate School, and Artist Jeweler Kit Carson

Additional work, volunteering and projects from 1982-1999

Area Agency on Aging - Ombudsman for Glencroft Care Center

Arizona Long Term Care - Licensed Care-Home Owner and Manager for The Essence of Home

Metro Racquet Club - Group Fitness Instructor and cable televised aerobics class for “Metrobics"

Body Mechanics - Traveling Corporate Fitness Instructor

John C. Lincoln Cowden Center - Group Fitness Instructor

Mahato Karate School (Aerobic Kickboxing), Bally’s Total Fitness (Personal Trainer) Doc’s Gym (Personal Trainer), 

Gold Key Racquet Club (Aerobics), Elaine Powers (Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer)

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