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At The Desk Software..Get Fit While You Sit!<br> Only $3.99

At The Desk Software..Get Fit While You Sit!
Only $3.99

$ 3.99 $ 14.99

Tight back, Tight hips, Tight shoulders...No Tight price...

Download $3.99

Office fitness exercises professionally designed for the seated worker with targeted chair exercises relieving stress, discomfort and tension while enhancing flexibility and strength...All while seated.  

Multi-station network versions also available at discount... contact us by email

Small reminder pop-up (seen in upper right of your screen) with 4 minute exercise movement video with yoga, Pilates and strength based techniques.

Exercise throughout your work day. You personally program how often your pop-up appears.

Professionally designed for the seated worker to relieve stress while incorporating proper breathing techniques and exercise movements.

Reminder pop-up may also be used to enhance other healthy habits throughout the work day.

Fit It In Fitness At The Desk Software©

(Actual Size) Pop-up appears in the upper right of your screen with no work screen interruption.  You can program how often your reminder appears.  The pop-up may also serve as an effective way to incorporate other healthy lifestyle solutions.  


Office Fitness Software for the Seated Worker.

Sitting too long at your computer?  Forget to exercise?  No time to exercise?  

Download (only $3.99) for Windows computer.  




Clients benefiting from

 At The Desk Software fitness/wellness program

I gave the At The Desk Software to one of my co-workers, she loves it and encourages her 2 assistants to do it with her.

A. Herman, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Since we started using the office stress software cd, our sales productivity has risen to new heights.  For many of us stress is a big part of our lives and by utilizing the CD and implementing the breathing and stretching exercises a few times a day we all feel extremely refreshed which leads to better productivity.  Health is a very important part of anyone's life and more employers should take notice for their own employees to help them get through the day more efficiently.  This product is wonderful and I personally think every company out there should use it for better workforce productivity.

Keith Boutwell
VP Triangle Direct LLC.


Since I have been using the fitness at the desk CD I have been more aware of my posture and breathing and it has even helped with my posture.  My chiropractor thinks the exercise on the video will help me.  I like the pop up because I forget to stay on track and it really has helped remind me.


Judy P. Farmers Insurance


This program is incredible.  It is so simple and effective to use. I would recommend it to anyone who spends more than a few hours a day at a computer. My staff has increased their productivity by 20% by using this fun and motivating program.  It has really helped with team building and the stretches are easy to perform. I have recommended this program to the rest of the Sales Mangers in our organization.

Mike Dzioba - Sentry Insurance


The office fitness exercise workshop was a big help.  The exercises from that are easy to follow and I feel my back getting stronger.  I also like the relaxing stretching exercises on the computer CD and the reminding pop up to encourage me not to forget to take a quick  break for a few short minutes and move my body with the video.  I also appreciate the calls from Georjia to keep me motivated.  I've even started exercising at home.

Thanks very much,

B. Whittle, age 38


I have been using Fititin Fitness at my workstation for over 6 months.  I find that it is a refreshing break from my work and the stress I feel in between my shoulder blades due to working at a computer 8 hours a day.  I have set the reminder for every 2 hours.  The exercises are easy to do and I actually look forward to the reminder popping up on my screen.  

It takes less than 4 minutes to do and I have found that after those 4 minutes I feel refreshed and ready to work another few hours at my maximum energy level.

Dana Ryan


Hello Georjia,

Ok, I wish I thought of this.  I liked the other video with no sleeves, what can I say, I'm a guy.  This is pretty motivating and that pop up gives me an excuse to check out the video and I've actually started doing the exercises too.  They are quick to go through and it feels like they have been helping my tight and weak back. Hope to have you come back and do a workshop again.

Nelson.  Farmers Insurance

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