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Resilience XS e-book, John Motta, Joey Motta, Aaron Jaws Homoki, Jeff Wescott

Resilience XS e-book, John Motta, Joey Motta, Aaron Jaws Homoki, Jeff Wescott

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Pro Athletes - Jeff Wescott, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Joey Motta, and John Motta.

  • E-Handbook with flexibility movement techniques & dietary practice for extreme athletic performance.
  • Share over 75 exclusive photos and secrets for developing the resilience needed for top athletes in any sport!
  • Designed for BMXers and Skateboarders but effective for most athletes.

Extreme Resilience - The ability to cope and rise above in the face of physical or mental stress and move forward with positive energy and outlook!”

- Learn to avoid overuse injuries, stay strong and resilient!

- Learn the advantages of Super-Nutrition!

- Learn how mind power elevates athletic success!

  • Skateboarding and BMXing athletes jump, fall, bail, crash, shred, and repeat! They creatively use their athleticism and equipment to paint unique visions of their sport. Their resilient toughness gives them the capacity to recover and spring back quickly from difficulties and challenges.
  • The very nature of BMX and skateboarding requires and builds resilience of the mind, body and spirit by harnessing the key attributes needed of these extreme sports.
  • Demonstrated by Professional BMX Freestyle Cyclists and Skateboarding Athletes.
  • Unavoidable repetitive movement created from BMXing and skateboarding can shift the posture due to constant tension on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Reducing muscular tension through flexibility and movement techniques, along with an optimal diet, an athlete will restore the resilience required for high performance. These movement techniques can also benefit most individuals.  

Resilience XS Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What is Resilience?
  • Chapter 2: The Resilient Physique
  • Chapter 3: Movement Photos and Descriptions (Over 50 Photos)
  • Chapter 4: Extreme Food and Nutrients
  • Chapter 5: Athlete’s Diets(Over 20 Photos)
  • Chapter 6: Mindset for Resilience
  • Acknowledgements: Author, Athletes, and Credits
  • Athletes Bios

“This book will open the eyes and mind to the physical and mental benefits of being active, flexible, and fueled by proper nutrition to help us keep more balanced and resilient,” - Jeff Wescott

“I think for me, resilience starts with super nutrition to rise above with energy,” - Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

“Staying active, flexible, eating right, and taking care of yourself, shouldn’t be thought of as ‘being healthy’ it should just be normal,” - John Motta

“Easy, effective moves that can be done anywhere and good nutrition has helped me with the hard work I put my body through” - Joey Motta

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