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Do lithium yard tools work? Lithium Home and Garden Tools!

Georjia Motta

Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer Blower Combo Kit 


Do lithium yard tools work? 

Click on this link for all three yard tools Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer Blower Combo Kit

click on this link for the individual tools Ryobi yard and power tools by lithium 

Do lithium yard tools work ? Yes and no!  I'm a fitness professional and run around to clients each day. Like anyone else, I'm not thrilled to come home to house work or yard work. I found the solution!  Ryobi yard tools. I absolutely love Ryobi! I use at least one, the Ryobi blower, every day and the other yard tools weekly. So far I've used my Ryobi tools religiously for about four years and they are still working strong. These are such easy to use lithium yard tools. I've used other brands in the past, and they worked good at first, but then broke, became weak, or became a hassle one way or another. I was first turned on to Ryobi from a friend. I loved the interchangeable aspect of the Ryobi lithium batteries from one tool to the next and that was a huge selling point for me with Ryobi. It sure makes yard work super quick, like under ten minutes!. I love the lithium ion grass trimmer. I even use the lithium grass trimmer to cut certain bushes all in one shot while I'm trimming the grass, then I use the lithium hedge trimmer on thicker bushes.The Interchangeable lithium batteries for all the yard and home improvement tools makes Ryobi simple, quick, and efficient. I've used other lithium yard tools but the Ryobi is the best. Some of the home improvement stores carry them and some not. I've just always bought  them online from a friends suggestion years ago. I've owned and used my Ryobi lithium yard tools for several years now.

Ryobi yard and power tools by lithium to purchase individually.Ryobi yard and power tools by lithium The link at the top will lead to the yard package containing the blower, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, and batteries. You can refill the grass trimmer string using the blue string line by simply lacing it through the cartridge or by just purchasing a new cartridge and line all in one. I've done both. I would also purchase an extra battery. You'll get about five to ten minutes of work done with one battery charge. I take the extra battery with me outside ready to replace the other just in case I start doing a bit more yard work than I expected.

These three tools have been a huge stress reducer and time saver. I have an acre property and my son and a yard service both take care of the property grass and order to do touch-ups in between their work, I use these tools. My portion of work is equivalent to an average size yard. I call it my "quick ten minute touch up" saving on how often professional care is needed for the property. Ryobi yard tools are a huge time and money saver.

I'm not an affiliate of Ryobi but had to include this product because it has really helped reduce stress and make my life much easier.

If you're a homeowner then you probably use indoor and outdoor cleaning tools.  If you want the best lithium yard tools use Ryobi. My boyfriend uses the Ryobi lithium pool cleaner when his pool has gotten out of control from wind storm debris.

Before lithium tools I spent way too much time each day sweeping dog hair, leaves, and grass from my patio. I'm also able to efficiently keep the window hedges and pool bushes looking their best using the lithium hedge trimmer. No running around plugging or wrapping cords, or gas and oil mixing. These light weight, efficient tools have been one of my biggest lifestyle stress reducers. I love the fact that they are on the smaller side which makes them easy to use and to store. I keep them in a small patio cupboard ready to go. I keep the charging station in my laundry room.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting. I hope this information is helpful. I do use affiliate links within this blog and website. I appreciate your continued support.


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