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5 stretches to relieve butt pain and piriformis syndrome

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5 photo stretches to relieve butt pain known as piriformis syndrome-

Butt pain or piriformis syndrome is caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve under/within areas of the piriformis muscle. You may feel numbness, tingling, and throbbing of this nerve. This muscle can become inflamed from over work due to activities that target the glutes, like hiking, biking, squats and running. The glutes can also become weak and tight from extended sitting affecting the sciatic nerve form compression. Also, If consistent extended sitting occurs then suddenly one participates in heavy exercise activity it can cause injury and inflame the piriformis muscle and affect the sciatic nerve causing pain. It's important to perform simple strengthening and stretching exercises for the glutes and other areas of the hips and thighs in order to keep the piriformis strong and resilient.

Below are 5 effective stretches 

You can also read more here for further information both on stretch and strength exercise to address the piriformis.

Pro skateboarder Aaron Jaws Homoki is demonstrating an easy and effective piriformis stretch.

1. Place the outer leg up as shown to feel initial stretch. Similar to exercise 4  below. To apply a deeper stretch lean forward and turn to each side to feel varied area of stretch. Aaron is externally rotating his thigh to oppose the tough internal thigh rotation movements of skateboarding and to gain a greater stretch and relief to his overworked butt (piriformis and glutes).

If your piriformis is tight and painful you’ll also have tight inner thighs, groin muscles, the front of the hip, and the back of the thighs. It's important to stretch and strengthen these areas as well. You'll heal much quicker. When one muscle is strengthened and stretched then the opposing muscles also need to be strengthened and stretched. Most of the stretches can be done from sitting but the inner thighs can be done at bedtime by bringing the knees to the chest and spreading the legs


2. Stretch your hip flexors located at the front of the hip thigh area.Turn sideways while seated and let the outer leg hang down with the knee bent as shown. Let the thigh release away from the hip, tuck the tailbone a bit, and draw the abdominal muscles in while rotating the upper body away from the down leg.

3. Stretch the back of the legs. Sit to the front of your seat and extend the leg, pull the toes toward you, lift the body tall as you lean forward with a slightly bent knee. keep your hands on your thighs for support and tension adjustment

4. Stretch several times during the day. Cross the ankle or outer shin over the opposite knee and gently lean forward while slightly turning to one side then the other. Very similar to Aarons stretch. Also, while the leg is crossed hug the knee in with your opposite hand or arm then turn and lean toward that hip

Tools for total body stretching and to relieve butt pain caused by piriformis syndrome.



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