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Hello, I'm Georjia Motta. Thank you for visiting. I've worked in the fitness industry since the 1980's. I'm an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, Stott Pilates Instructor, and Reiki Therapist.  I use modalities from these areas of fitness and wellness with my clients and students. My work objective, for my clients, is helping to safely work through injuries and/ or post therapy in order to improve overall physical fitness, transition through phases of medical interventions, athletic challenges, and lifestyle activities.

I specialize in fitness programs for the senior population and post therapy. I also continue to work with groups, athletes, online clients, and the corporate office worker. My passion is offering effective movement techniques and strategies that fit into and with a client's everyday environment, daily activities, and/or fitness athletic pursuits.

I've enjoyed over 30 plus years in the fitness industry. My diverse career has consisted of fitness classes through cable TV, choreographed and instructed several videos for various companies, book collaborations, modeling, consulting, and fitness equipment manuals/instructions, and beauty consulting collaborations. I'm the Copyright owner of Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software fitness for the office worker. I continue to provide client programs at medical wellness facilities, colleges, offer lectures/ workshops, consulting, and volunteering. I've also spent my early years in exercise product modeling, including being chosen Arizona representative petite model for Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1990. I've been a fitness model for various companies. I also continue my license in Cosmetology and interest in the beauty industry. Visit

Testimonials below-


Career summary-

Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software- Copyright 

Designer pop-up-

The only pop-up of it's kind. Copyright 2005.

A truly customizable pop-up where the user can simply set how often their pop-up appears on the upper right screen. The user can also set how often it will pop-up, and for how long it will stay on the computer screen. There's a link within the pop-up to a four minute fitness stretch video to relieve the areas of the body compromised from extended sitting...all while never leaving the chair.


The creation of Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software came about after one of my students was using post-it notes all over her office as a reminder to perform some of our class exercises. Wow, I thought that there has to be a more efficient and effective way of staying fit at the office. I often offer pamphlets and homework programs, but that wasn't completely cutting it.

"Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software" with Copyright was born in 2005, in which the name Fit it in Fitness came about.  The software consists of a non-intrusive, personalized and timed pop-up program reminding a PC desk worker to incorporate mini exercise breaks throughout their day.  The software integrates a choreographed 4-minute video within the pop-up geared to recover the posture of the seated worker.

This software can be integrated into any industry use, not just fitness. The uniqueness of the software enables each user to go in and time how often their pop-up reminder appears and how long it will stay on theIr screen. Also, the pop-up has the ability to integrate any video into it. This is a great wellness tool for corporations to allow their employees access, use, and individualize their own pop-up.

I continue to encourage fitness with this same mindset- A simple, manageable, efficient and effective means of maintaining a healthy posture while staying fit and well, whether in the office or not.

Resilience XS e-Book-

"During 2015 four extreme professional skateboard and BMX athletes, Yoga Teacher -Debbie Forrest and I put together Resilience XS e-Book. A means for an athlete, or anyone to gain flexibility, recover the posture, avoid overuse injuries, and enhance movement performance."

Pro BMX Athletes - Jeff Wescott and Joey Motta

Pro Skateboarders - Aaron "Jaws" Homoki and John Motta

Client health challenges and career summary-

-Hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries and replacements.

-Muscular overuse injuries, imbalances, disease

-Recovery from surgeries, and during / after pregnancy.







-Spinal conditions, fusions, and osteoporosis


-Professional and ametuer athletes


-Seniors, children, men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

-Corporate and home office professionals (including those with special ergonomic needs)

-Vietnam, World War II, D-Day Heroes, present day VET, and those with physical disabilities.

-Fitness company exercise videos/ choreography, manuals, modeling, and book collaboration in early  2000 "Rebound To Youth" with LifeTec Manufacturing  Rebounder Mini Trampoline.




My personal favorite rebounder, the Healthbounder, has been retired. I use the Bellicon rebounder. Visit my favorite products page for ordering.



A program offering fitness to mostly housebound, disabled, and/or physically challenged US Military Vets. Free to those that qualify. One Vet at a time with one personal trainer at a time. Offered here in Phoenix Arizona. If you are a Vet, or know one that could use our services please contact subject "VETSWEAT"


Health and Wellness

Nutrition through a proper diet, and even supplementation, has always been a strong interest of mine. After working part time in Research and Development for a local nutritional supplement company, I went on to Co-own Envygreens Green Drink.

After researching many ingredients that are typically contained in marketed green drink super food formulas, I became aware of common ingredients, such as, alfalfa, and stimulant herbs, that can pose health issues for certain individuals and conditions. EnvyGreens was developed with the idea of supplying customers with a safe and healthy product. My two sons later used The Envygreens original proprietary formulation to develop a USDA Certified Organic Super Foods Dietary Supplement called Rawrlife Superfoods. Like EnvyGreens, they are pioneers in food products that avoid the use of alfalfa and stimulant botanicals. Envygreens retired shortly after.



Other interests and work

I've also been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1984 and briefly worked in the field with hair and skin. Although my fitness career has been my first love, I continue my interest in the beauty industry. I briefly owned and operated Skinovations, offering high end natural product facials in combination with micro dermabrasion. I sold after a couple years to focus on my growing fitness career. I continue to enjoy researching and sharing beauty products and information that are beneficial, effective, safe and healthy. 

During the early 90's, while raising my young children, my husband at the time and I owned and managed an Arizona state licensed care home. This is when my love for helping seniors with their fitness began.


I'm a proud mother of three grown children. My talented daughter is the oldest and works full time as a graphic designer. Johnny, (John, Jr.) is a Professional Skateboarder, artist, studies holistic nutrition, and is Co-owner and manager of Rawrlife Superfoods with his brother Joey.

Joey is an organic gardener. At age 17 was the youngest member of Arizona Rare Fruit Growers. He's also a BMX Freestyle Cyclist and Co-business owner of Rawrlife Superfoods. 


Health and Fitness Industry present and past since 1997

-private one on one personal training in client homes or my own fitness studio.

-Optum Medical Network (United Healthcare)- Fitness/yoga/Pilates Instructor. 

-Sun Health Community Education and Wellness - Exercise Specialist developing and implementing group and one on one exercise programs.

-Private fitness programs for individuals at home and/or various care and fitness centers.

-Phoenix College Adjunct Faculty Group Pilates and Group Kickboxing Instructor.

-Personal Trainer at The Fitness Institute in Az

-Adobe Spa, Corta Bella and Sun City Recreation Center - Group Pilates Instructor.

-Healthy Envy Envygreens Super Food product manufacturer co-owner.

-National Safety Council and Safehearts Teaching CPR, First-Aid and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

-Fit it in Fitness - Online sales.

-Life-Tec Manufacturing - Rebounding Video Choreographer/Instructor and collaborating Author of “Rebound to Youth” 

-Institute For Vibrant Living offering consulting and health fitness product development.

-Fitness Model and print model - Bilbo Baggs Sportswear and swimsuits, Life-Tec fitness equipment manufacturer, Mahato Karate School, Artist Jeweler Kit Carson, PelleAmo hair, body and skin products.

Additional work, volunteering and projects present and past since 1982

VETSsweat- volunteer personal training to our US VETS.

-Area Agency on Aging - Ombudsman for Glencroft Care Center.

-Arizona Long Term Care 1993-1997 - Licensed care- home owner and manager for The Essence of Home.

-Metro Racquet Club - Group fitness instructor and cable televised aerobics class for “Metrobics" -1980's

-Body Mechanics - Traveling corporate fitness instructor.

-John C. Lincoln Cowden Center - Group fitness instructor.

-Cosmopolitan Magazine petite model for Arizona  and national finalist 1987.

-Mahato Karate School (Aerobic Kickboxing), Bally’s  Total Fitness (Personal Trainer) Doc’s Gym (Personal  Trainer), Gold Key Racquet Club (Aerobics), Elaine  Powers (Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer).

Disclaimer: The statements, articles, reviews, blogs, and products within this website or its affiliates are for informational purposes and have not been tested per health issue, disease process or unique individual needs. Please consult further with your health care professional.


Georjia is my personal trainer, and has been since June, 2015. Of the seven personal trainers I've had over the past 21 years, she is the most knowledgeable, experienced and flexible trainer I have had. She adjusts our workouts to help me with any muscular or physical issues I may be having. When it was discovered that my knee pain called for a total knee replacement, her exercises provided me with additional muscular strength in the knee area so that, following my total knee replacement, the recovery time was very short-it even surprised my surgeon.

I have seen Georjia work in a classroom situation for chair Pilates; she watched over each class member of twenty or more and helped those having trouble with a specific exercise by modifying it so each member could benefit from the class.

Georjia is well-aware of the physical limitations of seniors citizens (of which I am one), and modifies standard exercises so we, too, can benefit from the exercise.

She always arrives early for our workouts. On the rare occasion when she had to cancel at the last minute she was quick to communicate that to me- I have never been inconvenienced by a late cancellation.

I could summarize by attesting to the facts that Georjia Motta is a superb personal trainer who is flexible, knowledgeable, pleasant,diligent, understanding, caring and analytical.

A. Snesrud, Phoenix, AZ


Thank you Georgia for helping our dad walk again before he passed. He was one year lying in bed even to eat his meals. In the year you spent with him you were accomplished at helping him to finally sit up, stand up and walk over to his chair to eat a meal. This meant the world to him and his pride.
Anyone who has the opportunity to be helped by you will benefit greatly.

Thank you sincerely,
S. Saunders


Hi Georjia,

In the few phone consults we had you really helped guide me in the right direction and give me the right tools which made it so much easier to have finally lost weight after my surgery and weight gain. I am using your simple exercise and diet suggestions and they are fitting into my work and family schedule. Thank you too for the right questions for my doctor. I have kept this weight off now for eight months and plan to keep on going. Glad you have enjoyed some of my healthy recipes too.

B. Gail


I consider working out with Georjia one of the best things that has ever happened to me! The results I have achieved in just a few months far exceed any level of fitness I received via gym work on my own. Her extensive knowledge of proper exercise technique, nutrition, and workout schedules to meet specific goals is limitless. She cares about me and shows it in a positive way with everything she does and says.
When Georjia calls to check on me my husband answers, he usually yells, “Mother’s on the phone!” I should be so lucky! She is my mentor, coach, friend, and, if I ever make it to the Hawaii ironman (my dream goal), my roommate.

J. Kolasinski


I want to say how pleased I am in the Pilates program with Georjia Motta. She is an exceptional instructor and has the long-standing qualifications as a certified trainer. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have the benefit of her expertise.

I hope Georjia will continue helping us at Sun City West for Sun Health. Having a chronic back problem, it is very reassuring to feel so confident in a skilled person. I look forward to benefiting from her instruction when I return in December.

Thank you, have a great summer,
J. Alexander


As a manager and trainer at Sun Health Corporation in Sun City, Arizona, I am thrilled to have Georjia as one of our trainers. Her rapport with clients and ability to keep clients motivated and challenged allows us to have a full personal training schedule, keeps us scrambling to create more training hours in our facility and helps recognize constant increase in revenue.

After having worked with Georjia for some time, Bob, a 93 year old client of Georjia's, has made huge gains in performing activities of daily living and reports feeling much better on a daily basis. Georjia's expertise has even helped this spry gentleman avoid surgery after a shoulder injury. Bob looks to Georjia for help in maintaining his health and his ability to live independently.

On occasion I have worked with several clients of Georjia's and have been impressed with the novelty of exercises she creates for clients and her ability to tailor exercise to our mostly senior, and often physically limited clientele. Georjia has a knack for knowing exactly how to help clients improve their health and quality of life as a trainer and in her classes.

Chuck Eier, M.S., C.S.C.S.
USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach


Dear Georjia,

We would like to send our deepest thank you for helping our mom Dorothy walk again before she passed. None of us or other therapists could work with her like you did. She really loved you too. Thank you for giving and showing her patience and dignity.

Mary M. and Dorothy G.


In my kickboxing class at Phoenix College I first learned how to wrap my hands and wrists the proper way so I would not injure myself. I learned how to punch, or in this case, how to jab, cross, hook, block, upper cut and the kicks. I especially loved using the pads and bags and a friend in class to be aware of my surroundings and how someone could come at you. It was a good work out for my upper and lower body. I especially like how Georjia let my friend and I Jacque have a little 2 against 1.

Stephanie D.


I have known Georjia for a number of years and several as my personal trainer and she has always been helpful, upbeat and knowledgable. She keeps me in a positive mood in all our workouts and knows when to push me and when to make me rest. She is willing to go the extra mile and keep me trying to achieve more. I'm training as a relay bicyclist and she has helped set my body and bike up as one making me more efficient in my biking.

T. Collum


Dear Georjia,

Thank you for teaching me how to use all the of the exercise equipment and showing me all of the exercises. My favorite exercise was the trampoline and treadmill. I hope I see you again in the fall.

Jake G., Age 8


For the past three years, Georjia has been my Pilates instructor twice weekly. She is punctual, knowledgeable, innovative and helpful. She has the ability to make participants feel comfortable and capable. As a result, I rarely miss a class and the payoff is a significant positive change in my shape and flexibility.

Doisey L.


Georjia, your Pilates class and your teaching has helped me feel stronger, more energetic and to have batter balance.

Also, last week I completed my annual general physical exam at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, and my doctor and I are very happy with the improved test results--which show a 9 point drop in my glucose level, a 24 point drop in my triglycerides, a 42 point drop in LDL cholesterol and an 18 point increase in my good HDL cholesterol!

And at age 72, I feel better in general.

Thank you Georjia.

V. Elgin


Your Pilates class has helped me to become stronger in my abdomen and hips. From that I've started walking more and exercising with weights. My fibromyalgia improved and I am more active.



I have known georjia Motta for about 5 years and she has been my trainer and personal strength. She is a very reliable, supportive person who makes your weakness not seem so bad, she's a great inspiration to me.

D. Garrison


Georjia Motta has provided Personal Training, Strength Training, Total Fitness and Pilates classes to our community members through Sun Health Community Education and Wellness Centers in Sun City and Sun City West.

Her expertise and professionalism has been evident with the number of return patrons and the fact that her exercise classes generally filled to capacity. She continuously receives the highest evaluations from our patrons.

Sue Sadecki, MS Ed.
Director Community Education and Wellness Centers for Sun Health Corporation


Georjia thanks for being helpful and patient with me as a new student in your Pilates class. I really liked the balloon work we did. I've been teaching my husband that and it really works. Hope to see you in the fall.


At The Desk Software Testimonials

"If you want to feel refreshed and relieve tension and get energized use At The Desk Software"  Mark Turner

I gave the At The Desk Software to one of my co-workers, she loves it and encourages her 2 assistants to do it with her.

A. Herman, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Since we started using the office stress software cd, our sales productivity has risen to new heights. For many of us stress is a big part of our lives and by utilizing the CD and implementing the breathing and stretching exercises a few times a day we all feel extremely refreshed which leads to better productivity. Health is a very important part of anyone's life and more employers should take notice for their own employees to help them get through the day more efficiently. This product is wonderful and I personally think every company out there should use it for better workforce productivity.

Keith Boutwell
VP Triangle Direct LLC


Since I have been using the fitness at the desk CD I have been more aware of my posture and breathing and it has even helped with my posture. My chiropractor thinks the exercise on the video will help me. I like the pop up because I forget to stay on track and it really has helped remind me.

Judy P.
Farmers Insurance


This program is incredible. It is so simple and effective to use. I would recommend it to anyone who spends more than a few hours a day at a computer. My staff has increased their productivity by 20% by using this fun and motivating program. It has really helped with team building and the stretches are easy to perform. I have recommended this program to the rest of the Sales Mangers in our organization.

Mike Dzioba
Sentry Insurance


The office fitness exercise workshop was a big help. The exercises from that are easy to follow and I feel my back getting stronger. I also like the relaxing stretching exercises on the computer CD and the reminding pop up to encourage me not to forget to take a quick break for a few short minutes and move my body with the video. I also appreciate the calls from Georjia to keep me motivated. I've even started exercising at home.

Thanks very much,
B. Whittle


I have been using Fit it in Fitness at my workstation for over 6 months. I find that it is a refreshing break from my work and the stress I feel in between my shoulder blades due to working at a computer 8 hours a day. I have set the reminder for every 2 hours. The exercises are easy to do and I actually look forward to the reminder popping up on my screen.

It takes less than 4 minutes to do and I have found that after those 4 minutes I feel refreshed and ready to work another few hours at my maximum energy level.

Dana Ryan


Hello Georjia,

Ok, I wish I thought of this. I liked the other video with no sleeves, what can I say, I'm a guy. This is pretty motivating and that pop up gives me an excuse to check out the video and I've actually started doing the exercises too. They are quick to go through and it feels like they have been helping my tight and weak back. Hope to have you come back and do a workshop again.

Farmers Insurance


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