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Hip flexors and hamstrings muscles stretch benefits and tips-

Georjia Motta

Multi-task hip flexors stretch and hamstrings-

Hip flexor muscles ( top front of thigh/abdominal area) stretch and flexibility benefits and tips-

  • Assist pelvic mobility
  • Assist lower back strength
  • Relieve tension and postural shifts

Body areas- Multi-task for hamstrings (back of upper thigh) and hip flexors (front hip crease of down leg), quadriceps (front of leg), outer hip and low back, oblique ab muscles (sides), and passive stretch and alignment for upper back and shoulders.

What to do- Aaron Homoki is a professional skateboarder  and demonstrating from a bench with one leg on top and the heel off the edge. He bends the down leg behind as shown resting on the ball of the foot. He Extends the spine tall and relaxes the shoulders back and down. The hands touch the body or bench for support. He turns his head and body away from the down leg, presses the down leg heel back resting on ball of foot.He engages the pelvic core and slightly tucks the tail. Repeat other side.

How this helps-These areas get very tight from most sporting activities.

When to do it-  Warm up first then do it after athletic work or days off.


Front Hip Crease (Flexors)

Body areas- Front hip crease (hip flexors) of the back leg and opens to stretch the side body when bending to the side.

What to do- Take a step back onto the ball of that foot. Keep the front foot with even pressure through mid foot and heel. Engage abdominal pelvic core, lift arm as shown and apply a slight side bend away from back leg and give a slight tail tuck.

Try tilting the pelvis in different positions to notice the transfer of stretch through the front of the hip crease and abs. While tilting the pelvis tail under, slightly rotate the upper body away from the open side and then toward the open side in order to increase the stretch in different areas while stretching the front hip crease of the back leg. Making adjustments to the back heel, bending the back knee more, rotating the thigh, and tucking the tail will create varied stretch.

Try using fascia rollers to enhance stretch. Click on image products above.

Repeat other side.


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