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Poor posture causes, benefits and tips-

Georjia Motta


 Poor posture has many negative affects-

Poor posture causes, benefits and tips-

  • Slouching, extended sitting, and texting all create poor posture.
  • Improve posture using simple alignment awareness and techniques.
  • From the feet up...equal body weight under the ball of the feet and heel equally, soften the knees for ease of alignment, level the pelvis avoiding tucking the tail and jutting the front of the hips/thighs forward, turn the thumbs forward bringing the shoulders back and down while the head levels over the body.


Take a look at the photo of Joey on the left with nearly perfect posture.  The posture on the right represents poor posture. The right side photo shows his butt tucking under, the back of his hands forward, his shoulders also rolled forward, his chest caving, his head leaning, his front hip thigh area contracting. Over time this posturing can become permanent and create muscular tension, weakness, misalignments, unhealthy postural shifts, health issues, and how he would perform athletically. The poor posturing shown will create tight hamstrings, tight hip flexors, as well as tight chest and shoulders, and weak tense upper back muscles. All of this tightness and weakness will affect optimal movement, and increase muscular fatigue and imbalanced muscular tensions.

Also, if you watch any of us texting, slouching to watch TV, sitting behind a computer, or driving a car, you’ll notice poor posturing.  Over time, if not recovered, this will affect our health, energy, and how we move with power, agility, and even how well we age.   

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