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Hamstrings stretch benefits and tips-

Georjia Motta

Hamstrings stretch done properly on the right and improperly on the left-

Hamstrings (back of upper thigh and knee) stretch benefits and tips performed by Pro BMX Athlete Joey Motta and Pro Skateboarder Aaron "Jaws" Homoki.

  • Hamstrings flexibility improves pelvis mobility
  • Hamstrings flexibility improves/ relieves tightness to the lower back
  • Hamstrings flexibility improves posture and ease of spinal extension

What to do-  Notice the top two photos. The left photo shows the lower spine is bent (flexed). This does not target the full hamstrings of the up leg but rather the lower back and maybe behind the knee. The hamstrings attach at the base of the sit bones of the pelvis and partially to the inner edge of the upper thigh bone and also attaches below the knee.

When straightening the knee you feel a stretch behind the knee but not so much into the upper area of the thigh. To target the full hamstrings it is not necessary to reach for the foot while the leg is up as shown on the upper left photo. The proper stretch from butt to heel requires a shift with the pelvis as in the right photo. Hinge from the hip feeling as though the thigh shifts back while the tail bone lifts up in back tilting the pelvis forward into anterior tilt. The lower back will be flat.  Also, tightening the knee cap of the up leg will provide a greater stretch without having to lean forward, and slightly bending the leg up knee will cause the upper hamstrings to stretch. Practice both bending and straightening the knee to notice the variation in stretching the areas of the hamstrings 

How this helps- Hamstrings become tight from most sports and from extended sitting.

When to do it-  Warm up first then do it briefly in the midst of athletic work or longer after work.


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