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Best core strength and stability move

Georjia Motta

Core stability and strength and balance-

The core’s deepest muscles are located closest to the spine at the level of the belly button fanning out around the waist, ribs, spine, and into the pelvic area. Deep core muscles help stabilize the hips, spine and total posture. All athletes, especially BMXers and skateboarders, need a strong inner core to consistently and successfully land and maneuver quickly from trick to trick. Activating these deep core muscles means gently drawing inward at the area south of the belly button.  This area, in Yoga and Martial Arts is called the “Hara” or “Dantien” or “Power House” in reference to Pilates.  

Here’s an efficient core strengthener:

  • Lie back with the heels about a foot from the butt. Engage, or draw gently inward, your pelvic core, which is south of the belly button. Also, gently activate the area at the navel, by also gently drawing in. Then, slowly lift both feet about a foot off the floor without sliding your heels closer toward your butt. Don’t jam your lower back down or let it lift up.
  • Try slowly exhaling. Exhaling engages the movement of the diaphragm and ribcage hugging the spine for added support through movement.
  • While you do this move notice; Did your ribs lift? Did your head tilt back or up?  Did you have to push your low back down?  Did your abs bulge out?  Did your shoulders lift?  Did your arms or hands press into the floor?   If you answered yes to any of these, then your core was unstable. Notice his head, shoulders, hands, abs and low back did not change from either photo. This is because he engaged his core for total body support and stability.

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