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Free e-book Resiliencexs by pro BMX cyclists and skateboarders

Georjia Motta

Resilience XS  e-book-

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Flexibility Movement Techniques and Dietary Practice presented by Pro Athletes - Jeff Wescott, Joey Motta, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, and John Motta  



Athletes - Jeff Wescott, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Joey Motta, and John Motta.

E-book with flexibility movement techniques & dietary practice for extreme athletic performance with over 75 descriptive photos.

- Avoid overuse injuries!

- Learn Super-Nutrition!

- Mind power elevates athletic success!


  • Skateboarding and BMXing athletes jump, fall, bail, crash, shred, and repeat! They creatively use their athleticism and equipment to paint unique visions of their sport. Their resilient toughness gives them the capacity to recover and spring back quickly from difficulties and challenges.
  • Repetitive movements created from BMXing and skateboarding can shift the posture due to constant tension on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Reducing muscular tension through proper stretching for improved long term flexibility, along with a healthy diet, and mental focus will improve athletic performance. Also helpful to non-athletic individuals.

Resilience XS Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: What is Resilience?
    • Chapter 2: The Resilient Physique
    • Chapter 3: Movement Photos and Descriptions (Over 50 Photos)
    • Chapter 4: Extreme Food and Nutrients
    • Chapter 5: Athlete’s Diets(Over 20 Photos)
    • Chapter 6: Mindset for Resilience
    • Acknowledgments: Author - Georjia Motta   Athletes - Jeff Wescott, Aaron "Jaws Homoki, Joey Motta, & John Motta and Credits

Athletes Bios-

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Resilience XS e-handbook came about from a phone call Jeff made looking for expanded instruction regarding the principles of yoga. He was interested in teaching these techniques to help his fellow BMX cyclists. Jeff and his buddies John, Joey, and Aaron also began learning these techniques. Later, Jeff suggested that some sort of manual or book loaded on his phone could provide an efficient reference.

Jeff Wescott " Self-trust is the first seed of success.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As unique as Jeff is, it’s no surprise he would freestyle his bike in a bee-keepers suit. Jeff can grab anyone’s attention with his fluid BMX style, confidence, creativity, and motivating energy. Jeff’s entire physique represents a wide range of talented motion and strength. Jeff effectively utilizes his instinctual mechanics to incorporate his total body flexibility and muscular strength to promptly stabilize his core through all his maneuvers. Jeff is a Professional Freestyle BMX Cyclist riding for Mutiny Bikes with his signature line “The Comb”. Jeff is also a volunteer mentor for Wheels in Motion. He has a BA in Communications from Northern Illinois University.

Sponsors: Mutiny Bikes, The Gully Factory, RAWr! Life Superfoods, Vans BMX


Aaron "JAWS" Homoki "Hope is the place between take-off and landing" – Howie

In the extreme skateboarding world, Aaron is known for successfully landing from heights and distances that are next to humanly impossible.  Aaron is also a World Record holder. Aaron's lean, elastic, and resilient physique, skill, and technique allow him to withstand impactful landings. His unique way of constantly positioning his body for maximum center of gravity, stability, and control bridges explosive energy with strength and resilience. Aaron is a Professional Skateboarder for Birdhouse Skateboards of Legendary Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk. Proceeds donated to

Sponsors: Birdhouse Skateboards, Fred Water, RAWr! Life Superfoods, Asphalt Yacht Club, Bones Wheels, Software Hardware, Independent Trucks, Neff Headware, Footprint Insoles, Glassy Sunhaters.



Joey Motta "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee." – Muhammad Ali 

When we talk about perfect posture, that would be Joey! Joey rides with a great deal of controlled muscular energy. His talented mechanics are expansive and strong then quickly brought home by his grounding core. Joey’s BMX maneuvers represent his bike and physique with gifted instinctual driven focus. This particular move requires extreme resilience, balance, and strength through his entire body. Try doing this in your living room, or even yoga class … it’s next to impossible! Joey has been practicing yoga for several years and his balanced BMXing style represents this. Through this photo you can see how his strong hands are messaging his balance through his entire torso and shoulders while his pelvic core stabilizes to land steady and smooth. Joey is a Professional Freestyle BMX Cyclist for The Gully Factory, Co-owner of RAWr! Life Superfoods, gifted gardener and rare fruit tree grower.

Sponsors: The Gully Factory, Arizona Rare Fruit Growers, RAWr! Life Superfoods



John Motta "As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

John’s physique represents creative, inventive movement with no wasted energy. With his rare athletic ability one might say- “He’s easy on the eye”. John skates for his board rather than the board for him. His style represents the board as the highlight and he the messenger. John’s artistic and visionary qualities enable him to see the end and work back. His skating mechanics make difficult tricks look smooth and effortless. John is a Professional Skateboarder for Sometimes Skateboards and Co-owner of RAWr! Life Superfoods.
Sponsors: Skatemental Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Software Hardware, Royal Trucks, Nike SB, RAWr! Life Superfoods, Petrafind.

“This book will open the eyes and mind to the physical and mental benefits of being active, flexible, and fueled by proper nutrition to help us keep more balanced and resilient,” - Jeff Wescott

“I think for me, resilience starts with super nutrition to rise above with energy,” - Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

“Staying active, flexible, eating right, and taking care of yourself, shouldn’t be thought of as ‘being healthy’ it should just be normal,” - John Motta

“Easy, effective moves that can be done anywhere and good nutrition has helped me with the hard work I put my body through” - Joey Motta



Author: Georjia Motta  ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Stott Pilates Instructor.

“Thank you Willman for your insight and motivation”- “The human spirit has an amazing ability to overcome difficulty, so does the body, no matter who you are or what you d: Willman Morcillo-Musician, Coach, Professional Athlete

Supporting Author:  Debbie Forrestt  Certified Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and Associate Mind-Body Psychology. 

Resilience XS movements: Georjia Motta and Debbie Forrestt

Contributing Editors: Joe Swingle, Stephanie Rothman CH, NLP, EFT, Jeff Wescott, Kyle Higgins SPT, Eric Marie DPT

E-book software formatting and web design: John Motta

E-book movement photography: Jeff Wescott, and John Motta

Book cover photo: Jes Motta (

Contributing photographers and videographers: Devin Feil, Kevin Gilbreth, Steven Smith, Matt Price, Wes Mcgrath, Derek Riggs, Kyle Carlson, Buster O'Shea, Hunter O'Shea, and Bobby Kanode.

Athletes: Jeff Wescott, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, John Motta, Jr., and Joey Motta

Jeff Wescott: Mutiny Bikes, The Gully Factory, RAWr! Life Superfoods, Vans BMX.

Joey Motta: The Gully Factory, Arizona Rare Fruit Growers, RAWr! Life Superfoods.

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki: Birdhouse Skateboards, Fred Water, RAWr! Life Superfoods, Asphalt Yacht Club, Bones Wheels, Independent Trucks, Neff Headware, Footprint Insoles, Software Hardware, Glassy Sunhaters.

John Motta: Sometimes Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Royal Trucks, Nike SB, Software Hardware, RAWr! Life Superfoods.

Debbie Forrestt: Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Health Coach, Master Yoga Teacher.

Georjia Motta: ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor.

We support and donate to Wheels in Motion, and Skate After School.


Disclaimer:  Consult your physician or movement professional before performing these postures.  All postures and movement executions described are intended for basic instruction and understanding as there are some conditions and circumstances to limit or avoid all or part of these movements.  For better understanding and execution of any or part of these postures or movements, please consult with your professional movement coach, therapist, instructor, trainer or teacher. Resilience XS, their agents and associates assume no risk or liability for persons who undertake any of the movement exercises contained in the e-handbook and or created and shared through social media.


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Georjia Motta, C.M.E.S., RYT, PI, C.P.T., RT



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