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Stretch and strength from e-book Resiliencexs

Georjia Motta

If we don’t recover and regenerate our body properly, then continual tensions can begin to negatively shift the posture and affect the way we move and perform. Resilience helps us stay strong, athletically consistent, and healthy for many years.

Through efficient and effective stretching we can recover our posture and prevent it from shifting. When postural shifts occur, from overworked and unrecovered muscles, then other muscles that may not be as efficiently designed for the task will be forced to step in. This will start to wear on our ultimate posture. We’ll begin to experience overuse symptoms like pain, weakness, tiring more often and easily, and even develop arthritis at a young age. 


The above move with Joey is an example of how a simple move can make a big change!  By pressing his arms into his legs, Joey can create resistance to strengthen his upper back while he stretches to recover his tight inner thighs and lower back.


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