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Simple stretch for hips and back — Grow long hair and keep it healthy

"Best" Hair growth tips and keep long hair strong and healthy at any age

Georjia Motta Grow long hair and keep it healthy

    Best tips for growing and maintaining long healthy hair  1)  Don't over wash or over style and use the right styling and grooming tools. 3)  Use shampoo and conditioner with growth ingredients and avoid harmful ingredients. 4)  Never brush hair from the top down or when wet. 5)  Use a wide tooth comb on wet hair and comb gently from the bottom up. 6)  Avoid an overly acidic diet or even fat free diet. 7)  Keep hormones and the thyroid in check and DHT in check. 8)  Consume unprocessed proteins, fruits, vegetables, and supplement the diet with a  ...

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